Mohanraj-Whyte health…

Mohanraj-Whyte health update: For those who noticed Ellie limping over the last few weeks, after a two-week course of anti-inflammatories, we did x-rays today. Nothing's broken or ruptured, but she has a pulled ligament in her back left knee. Treatment is basically more rest and anti-inflammatories, and try to keep her sedentary so she doesn't actually rupture the knee. It should get better on its own, fingers crossed.

Still waiting to hear back on the x-rays on my foot; hopefully later today. The compression bandage is helping a lot -- no more stabbing pain, just achiness, and I can basically walk. Anand turns out to have a totally fine iron / lead count, so that's not why he's been putting everything in his mouth lately. He's just being trouble. And that's the medical report from our house. It's been a week.

7/23: Foot update: no fracture -- I just pulled a ligament, so same treatment as Ellie -- rest! Along with ice, compression, ibuprofen and more rest.

Am a little freaked out to find out that I apparently have mild arthritis in my ankle (which feels fine). Also a bone spur, but I knew about that.

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