Kavya came home today…

Kavya came home today and announced, very excitedly, that at summer camp swimming, she did EVERYTHING the other kids did, and she EVEN got in the water faster than some of the other kids. Given that a month ago, when classes started, she was too terrified to get in the water (and given that previous attempts at swim class in earlier years just resulted in unrelenting wails), this is tremendous progress, and I am exceedingly pleased with summer camp (which does swimming three days a week).

I should note that there was a fair bit of bribery involved -- every time she actually tried to do a little more at swim class, she got a chocolate frosty at the end of the camp day. It seems to have worked. :-) Now that she's caught up with the other kids, I'm pretty sure we'll be able to dispense with the chocolate frosty bribe. On the other hand, it's summer. Why shouldn't she have a few chocolate frosties? :-) Go, Kavya!

Okay, it's kind of hard to read these certificates. The first one is from the first class, a month ago, and there is an incredibly depressing set of zeroes on every single item. The comment thanks her for her participation and tells her to try not to be afraid of the water.

The second one is from today, and has a bunch of check marks! We LOVE check marks in this house. (They are also motivating for piano practice. And potty training. And cleaning up rooms.) The comment is that she's doing really well and has made a ton of progress. Don't stop!

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