4th of July…

4th of July 2013

Going to the Oak Park parade with Bryan, Elissa, and their kids.

Anand's hat kills me. (Outfits by Old Navy.)

I believe I asked them to proclaim "I love America!" here.

It's a longish walk to the parade; Anand cadged quite a few rides along the way.

I'm not sure if you can buy glee cheaper than three little wood-and-cloth American flags from Target for a dollar. 33 cents each!

The main attraction of the parade is the candy they throw. The kids did a lot of diving for candy.

This child is way too pretty. Those eyelashes.

Candy for me! (Also, I love the little silver stars on her shorts.)

I'm not sure why almost all the candy passed out from the various floats was lemon hard candy. I mean, I'm not complaining. It's just odd.

Clapping along to the music.

Derby girls were popular!

My handsome boys. :-)

Brie, fig jam, and star-shaped crackers afterwards.

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