Summer Reading #8: Larp…

Summer Reading #8: Larp Trek by Josh Millard

Okay, this webcomic was totally not on my summer reading list, but I fell into it last night somehow and then read for four hours, so I figure I might as well review it, esp. since my review is that it is awesome and has made my stomach hurt from all the laughing. If you have seen ST: TNG, and ideally also seen ST: DS9, I highly recommend this. HIGHLY. Smart and funny and funny and smart.

Please note that in addition to the comic itself, there is v. funny mouseover / hover text, and that the very best part is actually the comments, at least if you like thoughtful and incredibly geeky discussion of storytelling / meta-narrative / scientific plausibility / characterization / ethics / etc. and so on. Plus lots of sex jokes. Really, this comic pretty much pushed all my happy buttons, and if Josh Millard weren't already married, I'd be tempted to make him a Riker-esque offer around now.

Now I have to go figure out if there's a way I can get updates e-mailed to me, so I don't miss the continuing adventures of the Next Gen crew as they role-play the characters of Deep Space 9.

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