Seriously, folks. Thank…

Seriously, folks. Thank you. As one of the people who scrambled over our budget, who tried to figure out if we had enough funds to provide food at a convention party, who helped brainstorm ways we could squeeze out enough to start the Kindred and Parallax awards, and as someone who had a very upsetting end of week last week -- well, this is just immensely cheering. Thanks so much.

"The Carl Brandon Society has released a statement on donations made on June 13th and 14th...the short version of it is that on those days, the society received:

* Over $8,200 for its general fund;

* Over $5,000 for its Octavia E. Butler Memorial Scholarship;

* Over $3,600 for the Con or Bust initiative (which I did not pledge match for here, but which I wholeheartedly support, so, w00t!).

So, all told, around $16,900 raised for the Carl Brandon Society and the programs it supports in a couple of days. Those donations will now go to help an organization whose mission is �to increase racial and ethnic diversity in the production of and audience for speculative fiction.�

And extra-special thanks with a big fat cherry on the top to John Scalzi.

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