You know, it is…

You know, it is surprisingly difficult to find a basic summer cotton dress with pockets. By basic, I mean: sleeveless or short sleeve, but with enough fabric on the shoulders to cover bra straps. And basically no other detailing -- I don't need or want a horizontal seam at the waist, for example; a straight piece of fabric from shoulder to just above the knee is fine, with maybe a few darts at the bust. It seems like a really classic cut, but it's amazing how many places take that cut and then mess with it in ways that I suppose they think are interesting, but in practice, make the clothes less attractive and harder to wear.

I'm sort of amazed that there isn't a store that specializes in dresses like this, because I would LIVE in them in summer. I have a few (and they all have pockets). But I could use more. (And yes, I know how to sew, and I will probably make myself a few at some point. But seriously, this should be like $20 to buy off the rack; it's not complicated.)

4 thoughts on “You know, it is…”

  1. Did you try the Land’s End catalog, and also their Canvas line, the sale on last year’s styles is also great.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    I did check out Land’s End, but they are sadly lacking in pockets, it looks like. When I am queen of the world, all casual and work dresses will have pockets. (I will allow exemptions on formalwear if I must.)

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