June is here, which…

June is here, which means it's time for my seasonal decor shift. I know many of you could care less about decor, but it makes me so happy, I feel the need to share. All through the house, I'm putting away spring stuff: kids' art, my art, pink/green/purple cushions and glassware and the like, and bringing out summer. In summer, I go blue/white, though there's some cream and green in there too. I have little origami boats I made last year, in blues and whites, that I'll hang on some branches. A canvas sailboat garland to dangle from a nail. Maybe we'll make some seasonal cookies soon -- sailboats and seahorses. The blue and white dishes come out, and dishtowels and spatulas too.

I think Kevin is a bit bemused by the strength of my feelings on seasonal changes, but over the years, he has come to accept that purchasing a few extra dishes and cushions makes me awfully happy, and even better, assuages the urge to redecorate that might otherwise erupt with far greater force. :-) And it's not much effort for me -- a few hours, four times a year. It helps keep the clutter down too, since it's a good time to sweep through surfaces and put away or give away items that are taking up space.

A clean, fresh breath of seasonal air. Happy summer!

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