Net-fast update. So I…

Net-fast update. So I think I did okay yesterday, although it was weird. I did 15 minutes of Facebook at breakfast, but instead of doing 15 minutes at lunch and 30 at dinner, I let myself check e-mail/Facebook every half-hour or so for a minute or two.

I think that's okay, since the main purpose was accomplished -- I didn't lose a chunk of time to wandering down internet rabbit holes, and I did get a lot of good stuff done. We are defining good stuff here as including two long stretches of gardening, two games of Magic with Jed, processing some backlogged e-mail, hosting my writing group for two hours so they could critique my YA fantasy novel (they liked it, whew!), and reading the first few chapters of Sofia Samatar's book, which is awesome so far (yay!), and I would have read a lot more but then I fell asleep.

Also, I am definitely still recovering from WisCon; apparently four days with almost no sleep catches up with you. Who knew? So I am cutting myself some slack. We'll see how today goes -- the plan is to get the kids to school, garden, take Jed up to Gethsemane for gardening stuff, pick up Ethiopian food for lunch with Angeli, feed Angeli and help her pack for tomorrow's move, come back here and get Kavya, and then either collapse or read or garden some more. So not a lot of time for internet, which is a good thing, I think! :-)

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