I’m really excited to…

I'm really excited to announce that we're one step closer to publication of The Stars Change -- we're going to have BOUND GALLEYS at WisCon (an awesome feminist SF convention in Madison, Wisconsin) this coming weekend!

These are not the final version -- I need to review them in detail, make corrections, change my mind twenty times, move the art around, etc. But we're getting very close. Please do note that the initial print editions featuring Jack Kotz's awesome art are limited (100 hardcover, 250 trade paperback). Get 'em while they're hot! :-)

UPDATE: Oh, meant to note -- Cecilia just set the pub date for Oct 1 (we could do it a bit sooner, but various review outlets want galleys four months in advance). I know, it's a while, sorry! But I will have thirty bound galleys for sale at WisCon.

(I feel like if a backer wants to trade in their expected print copy for a bound galley instead, we should be able to work something out? Talk to me.)

The etiquette of interacting with backers and being fair to them as things change in the publication process is TRICKY. But I think with good faith all around we can sort it out. I hope.

1:30 update: One more note, after confirming with Cecilia -- Kickstarter backers of the project will be getting their eBook editions earlier, as special thanks for their support. :-)

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