Garden in mid-May –…

Garden in mid-May -- azalea and rhododenron, bleeding heart, the very start of allium season, identification questions!

I really love this photo, with my blurry feet. Might actually turn this one into a print and hang it in the house. I think this is a Purple Sensation allium, just opening up.

Close-up of chocolate ajuga ground cover, just opening up. They've really spread since I put them two years ago.

Not sure which tulips these are, but I like the shapes in this photo, and the contrast with the old silvered mulch.

Azalea and dwarf rhododendron, going wild.

I'm pretty sure this is a dwarf rhododendron.

And I think this is an azalea.

Three bleeding hearts planted together look particularly mysterious from ground level. I think the fairies must like them a great deal.

Such a funky shape the blossoms have...

Anand said, "Aren't you going to take a picture of me in the flowers?" Yes, dear.

The one in the front (tiny blue flowers) is forget-me-not, the one is the back (tiny white flowers) is sweet woodruff.

Garlic mustard, invasive weed; must dig up.

Weed -- any idea what this is?

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