Went to the optometrist…

Went to the optometrist today -- Kavi's eye is fine. I hope I'm not grossing y'all out too much with these baseball bat bruise photos, but a) I find this process fascinating, b) I know I have a lot of writer friends who may have characters getting into fights and therefore might find photos of the progression helpful, and c) someday, Kavi might be curious about the time she got hit with a baseball bat (as I am, about the time I got hit with a ceramic ashtray when I was three or so), so, documentation.

The optometrist checked the front of her eye, then put in drops and checked the back of her eye. Two hour visit (plus an hour driving) kind of killed my morning (it ended up taking so long that I couldn't make it to a job talk I'd planned to attend, argh), and it was especially frustrating because we already knew it was almost certainly fine -- but as a parent, that 'almost' is what matters. Once you hear that you ought to get something checked out, you pretty much have to do it, because what if you don't? And something was wrong? And you missed it, because you were a lazy sod? That's unacceptable, and so, three hours, gone. Ah well. It's good to be really sure the eye is fine, though.

Kavi's back at school (no recess or gym until the swelling's completely gone), and I'm sure she'll be the belle of the ball. Yesterday morning, she couldn't open that eye at all. By last night, she could open it a little. Today, as you can see, she can open it about halfway, and there's now a noticeable amount of bruising under the eye, and less on the actual eyelid. She continues to say that it doesn't hurt unless she pokes it, and she tolerated a lot of the eye doctor pulling and poking around it without any tears, so it really can't be too bad, despite how it looks. Dramatic!

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