Hey, SF folks, esp….

Hey, SF folks, esp. those with books at small presses, or those publishing small presses. I've periodically thought about doing a SLF table at AWP, to sell small press co-op books. Have stalled out so far, not sure if anyone is interested. But AWP is over for this year, which means I can start thinking ahead to maybe next year.

Next year's AWP will be in Seattle, where Kirsten lives, so I am dearly tempted to go. No idea if SF/F books would sell there. But they might. Would people be interested, do you think? Usually we ask you to ship your books both ways, and pay for a cut of the table costs. We don't take a percentage for selling.

(We typically do tables at WisCon, WorldCon, World Fantasy -- that sort of place. Not all of them, not every year -- depends a lot on whether we have people attending who can staff the table.)

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