Okay, I’m not going to…

Okay, I'm not going to write up a whole long thing anytime soon, 'cause my week is really hectic. But the moderately short version is that it looks like one of the other drivers involved in the accident had a heart attack (or something similar involving chest pains) and caused it. That's what the police decided, at any rate. That driver's the one who went off in the ambulance, and neither he nor the passenger in his car spoke much English, which added to all the confusion last night.

So in the cold light of morning, it's pretty clear that I didn't cause the accident at all, but there was a lot of confusion for a bit last night, and there was a little while when I thought I had, and that I had somehow made the guy have chest pains, etc., which was terrifying. Was so relieved when I realized I hadn't (mostly because the policeman made it clear, laying out the sequence of what had happened after he'd talked to everyone and looked at the cars' physical evidence).

My car is fine, and Devi and I think we're fine; no aches or pains last night or this morning. Our part of it was really a pretty mild bump. His car is totally crumpled where it hit another car, though. Poor guy. I hope he's okay, I hope he had a driver's license, I hope he has insurance.

And yes, I'll have my doctor check me out soon, just in case. I know that's what many of you were about to say. :-)

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