Nice callout of my…

Nice callout of my story, "The Princess in the Forest," from a review of _Breaking the Bow_ in _Cascadia Subduction Zone_.

"In Mary Anne Mohanraj�s �The Princess in the Forest,� a modern day woman finds herself trapped in a marriage where she has lost love and respect for her husband. I found this to be a particularly moving tale, as it speaks to the experience of migrant women who find themselves unable to leave their marriages because of cultural and familial restraints...."

There's a couple more paragraphs; it's really nice when a short story gets that much thought and attention from a reviewer. Review by Rochita Loenen-Ruiz.

CSZ publishes reviews, criticism (with a special, though not exclusive, focus on work by women); you can check out a current issue ($3 download, $5 print) here:

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