I decided to go to bed…

I decided to go to bed early so I could get up an hour early and finish my grading / prep. Set the alarm for 5:30 -- and then woke up at 3, for no good reason. Managed to get half back to sleep until 4:30 and then woke up for good, but oh, so groggy. Thank god for tea, leftover stringhoppers and curry, and The Daily Show to get me the rest of the way to awake.

2 thoughts on “I decided to go to bed…”

  1. Curiously, I find that tea keeps me awake at night. Coffee does not. However, coffee wakes me up in the morning. Tea does not, and drinking tea in the morning at best leaves me groggy and at worst gives me a headache. Do you drink coffee in the morning?

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    I don’t like coffee, unless it has so much milk and sugar in it that it’s basically coffee ice cream. 🙂 I have four cups of tea over the course of the morning, typically. Five on a bad day.

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