I’ve lined up a donor to…

I've lined up a donor to cover the first two issues of Jaggery publication in 2013, so that we can hopefully get a full issue up before we launch a Kickstarter to do more long-term fundraising. That should help with the Kickstarter, since people will have an actual issue to look at before deciding whether they want to support our continuing efforts. Am pleased.

Am also going to try to finalize the editorial line-up today (v. close to done), and get the editors started on submission guidelines. I'm going to ask them to get at least preliminary guidelines ready within a week, with the goal of accepting submissions on a rolling basis immediately, and having a first issue up by March (end of first quarter of 2013). Watch this space.

Oh, and hey, while I'm here -- the budget is basically $250 / issue, which is tiny, I know, but I want to start with something manageable, and if we can raise rates later, that's awesome.

In case any of you are still thinking about end-of-year donations, and would perhaps like to support S. Asian literature, please do let me know. DesiLit's efforts are sponsored by the SLF, a 501(c)3 organization, so all donations to us are tax-deductible.

Each quarter, we're planning to buy and publish (these amounts are not final yet, but approximately...):

- fiction ($100): $25 each for 4 stories
- essays ($50): $25 each for 2 essays
- reviews ($50): $10 each for 5 reviews
- poetry ($50): $10 each for 5 poems
- art ($0):

No payment to artists initially, but we can feature 2-4 artists / issue in a gallery, get their work out there and hopefully that will help them find cover art or illustration work. We're primarily a literary magazine, at least for right now -- so our focus is on paying writers. I'd love to pay artists someday too, though!

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