Garfield Park…

Garfield Park Conservatory Visit

What do you do with the kids and in-laws on a chilly winter day? A steamy jaunt to the awesome free conservatory...

Even in an idyllic setting, perfectly suited to photo-taking of adorable munchkins, there are some challenges to said photo-taking. Specifically, one three-year-old who is only occasionally inclined to pose.

I didn't know he could DO that with his face.

His sister convinced him that green hair was quite desirable.

She will even try to get him to pose adorably for us, with limited success.

Sometimes you decide that your best bet is to let him be a tiny figure in an awesome setting.

And then, just when you've given up, he gives the camera exactly the grin you've been looking for.

Big sister smiles serenely. She knew it would all work out. The koi told her.

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