I am re-reading Pamela…

I am re-reading Pamela Dean's perfect English major college novel _Tam Lin_ (for the tenth or so time, my GOD I love this book!) instead of grading my students final English papers for the semester. I really should stop -- not only is this grading avoidance behavior, but the more I read, the more my students' papers will suffer by comparison.

I bought Kevin some cherry trees for his birthday last September, which have only just arrived, so this afternoon, I will be digging large holes, yippee. Question -- the box says to keep them from freezing, but it's supposed to drop to 30 degrees tonight. Should I wrap them in burlap or something, do you think? The company did say now was the right time to ship and plant them.

I'm inviting her fiction students from this semester and last spring to her house for an end-of-semester writing day tomorrow. Snacks and writing for all!

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