Menu planning. 6-8…

Menu planning. 6-8 adults, 6-8 kids for an afternoon tea party (stretching from 1 - 6). Hm. I really would like to make all of this, but am wondering if it will be too much. Much as I love tea sandwiches, they don't keep as well as one might like.

  • tricolor veggie sandwiches (because festive colors and vegetarian)
  • salmon pinwheels (because I haven't made these before, and want to try)
  • spicy Thai chicken sandwiches (because Kev's and my favorite)
  • cucumber-dill sandwiches (because classic)
And also:

  • cheddar & Branston pickle w/ crackers
  • cream cheese holiday tree with green pepper jelly (homemade) & crackers
  • devilled eggs (because, love.)
  • scones with clotted cream, jam (fig earl grey, apple caramel, strawberry), and curd (blood orange)
  • fruitcake (homemade, by my aunt)
  • clementines
  • punch (must find recipe)
  • eggnog
  • port
  • tea
Do you think the green pepper jelly made a year ago is still fine? Or should I toss it? It looks and smells fine, but a year seems a long time for a homemade food. Do I need a salad?

2 thoughts on “Menu planning. 6-8…”

  1. Jellies keep a long time. Even if they get moldy on top, you can just scrape the mold off, I was always taught. The jelly should be perfectly OK.

  2. Honestly, high tea is not meant to be healthy. It would be wrong to have a salad. You may have fruit, however, as long as it has been paired with fat (as in trifle) or has been poached in something (as in pears poached in wine). You might get away with a baked apple. But fruit is not required. But salad? Definitely wrong.

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