I’m writing, I swear. …

I'm writing, I swear. But sometimes you have to take advantage of the kids not being home to take a break from the writing and ice some tiny Halloween cookies (making the icing a bit liquid-y, so you can dip the cookies, makes this fast and easy). Now, here's the question. If I already have a) two batches of cookies, b) one batch of tiny chocolate cakes (possibly to be served with a black cherry compote), am I justified in also stopping at Costco and picking up one each of their awesome huge pumpkin and apple pies? Say yes. I want pie. Current RSVP's for 14 adults and 10 kids, with a bunch of maybes.

Cookie cutters by Fox Run. The witch and cat were kind of a pain -- too finicky for my patience. But the rest were great. And gradating the colors like this meant that you could just use one batch of icing (about 1/4 of a batch, actually) and keep adding a little more Wilton gel color. First golden yellow, then some red to make orange, then some copper to get the owl color, then some brown for the turkeys, then a little black for the dark brown gourds, and finally black for the bats. The one mistake I made was not doing the white ghosts first, but I only had a few of those, so I may just let the kids eat them un-iced this week. Tablecloth by Target.

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