This is just a reminder…

This is just a reminder to myself of the steps in formatting ebooks for Smashwords. This took me about two hours the first time; I think it would take about half that time to do again, for a similarly uncomplicated book.

A. Adjust formatting

  1. Make sure 'Normal' style is defined as Times New Roman 12 pt.
  2. Apply first line indents: Format Paragraph: Special .3 inch
  3. Clean up any inapplicable indents (like section headings, title)
  4. Remove all Section Breaks
  5. Insert 3 paragraph returns before and after page breaks (some formats don't support page break)
  6. Don't justify
  7. Minimize font size variation; avoid anything over 14 pt
  8. Remove headers, footers, and auto-page numbering
  9. Add any hyperlinks

B. Add navigation

  1. If using chapters, make sure chapters start with word 'Chapter'
  2. Alternatively (more powerful), create linked TOC
    • Remove TOC page number references
    • Add beginning and end sections (Acknowledgements / Preface / Endnotes / About the Author / Other Books by this Author / free sample chapters)
    • Create your table of contents by typing it out, immediately following title and copyright pages
    • Don't add empty paragraph returns between the lines; only add items you intend to hyperlink
    • Tag chapter or section headings in body as Bookmarks (label carefully)
    • Label TOC "ref_TOC"
    • Return to TOC and add links to the bookmarks (insert hyperlink)
    • If desired, add links from chapter headings back to TOC
    • Test links
    • Delete hidden bookmarks
C. Front and End Matter

  1. Add copyright statement
  2. Add license (even if free)
  3. Add photo to about the author
D. Design cover (cannot contain nudity)

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