Dude. I didn’t realize…

Dude. I didn't realize that I was writing a book about disability issues. I may need some help here soon.

To clarify, I'm writing SF in which a (wealthy) portion of the society is genetically modified -- from their point of view, the unmodified are disabled, sometimes shockingly so.

Does that make sense? Even though there are a lot more unmodified than modified around? They run in different circles, a lot of the time.

Example from text: "But here she was, this woman, Lakshmi. Too short, too dark, a bright red pimple forming on the bridge of her nose. It looked like it hurt; Narita wasn't sure if they did, though. She resolved to research pimples later, when she had a chance. Because if they were going to be friends, she and this unmodified girl, she wanted to understand what Lakshmi had to contend with. Her life was surely hard enough -- she didn't need Narita making things worse with tactless comments or unthinking actions."

-- "Old Friends Meet" (draft in progress!)

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