Today, three SF/F…

Today, three SF/F writers (Heather Marshall, Holly McDowell, and new to Chicago Mary Robinette Kowal) are coming over for a writing day. It will be awesome. I am making carrot fennel soup and beet salad with plums and goat cheese, using up much of Saturday's farmer's market produce in one glorious explosion of summery goodness. They are bringing bread and cheese and gelato. Well, Mary Robinette already brought the gelato, and it's in my freezer, but I've only polished off two of the five containers, so I think we're okay.

We will try to be productive and only somewhat chatty (although I am also looking forward to getting to know all of them better, so some chatting will likely happen). I wish Lori Rader Day could skip work and join us. I hope Angeli Primlani can ditch her other plans (or move through them quickly) and join us. But mostly, I am just looking forward to writing all day.

First, finish Captain Jack essay, hoping it's not too late. SORRY Jed. And then dive back into The Stars Change. I think we're entering the madcap portion of the book, where my characters run around frantically and try not to get blown up. Awesome.

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