Oof. I just sent a long,…

Oof. I just sent a long, and sort of angsty (re: publishing issues) e-mail to a much more accomplished writer friend. Which would be okay if she were a close friend, but she's more of a friendly acquaintance (who made the mistake of asking me how things were going). I hope she doesn't mind.

I have a few issues that I really could use help / advice on, from someone further along in the game than I am. But I do hate bugging people. :-(

On the plus side, I'm having a good week. Monday, I wrote all day and finished major revisions to my Wild Card story; with any luck, there won't be more than a final clean-up pass to come. In the evening, I gardened mightily, digging up two beds and putting in about half of our vegetable garden. Lots of veggies!

I rewarded myself Tuesday with an actual day of vacation -- I spent it reading, watching tv, and playing Civ V. Excellent, although whoa, I am out of video game practice after five years away. My body was sore after several hours of play!

Today, I was dealing with a bunch of household paperwork (doctor's appointments, summer swim lessons) for much of the day, but I had enough time to make a fancy salad for lunch (from Mixt, berries, goat cheese, homemade balsamic vinaigrette and candied pecans on a bed of spring greens with basil and mint) and feed it to Roshani and Kevin, which was satisfying. And then Uma came by for writing day, so I'm hoping to actually write a little bit. I dealt with some writing-related e-mail, at least. Soon Angeli is going to stop by with posters for Saturday's theatre event here, which is so cool. Shakespeare in my house! More on that anon. We'll have tea, and it will be lovely. And then the kids will come home, and I have a lawn to mow.

I'm just happy. It's so nice to have varied, busy days, with socializing and fewer intense deadlines. :-)

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