I officially bumped up…

I officially bumped up from dumbbells to barbell today. I tried barbell once before, a few weeks ago, but it was very wobbly, so I went back to 20 lb. dumbbells. But those were getting (relatively) easy, so today I gave the 45 lb. barbell a go. And even though I certainly feel wobbly, the sets themselves were reasonably steady. So that's good. Yay, me.

I also got the Wii Fit going again (thanks to Kev for setting it up). Those exercises aren't very efficient, especially with all the stopping and starting. But it's nice to vary the routine, and it was fun to do some of them again -- snowball fight is great fun, even though I'm kind of terrible at it.

I'm not sure what's got me exercising reasonably steady this time around -- it's been a month-and-a-half, I think, and while there have certainly been several days where no exercise happened, generally, I'm sticking to it. I'm not quite to the point of actually looking forward to it, but y'know, I can now imagine that, which is pretty amazing. And I have enough extra energy that I can do things like dance in the kitchen for no reason. That hasn't been true in -- years? Since before Kavi, I think. Small children = exhaustion.

But regardless, I think all the variety is helping. Weights + putting Anand on my shoulders and playing horsie + treadmill + yardwork + Zombies, Run! + Wii Fit + dancing in the kitchen + playing chase with the dog + etc. and so on. It's all good. I need to add yoga back in soon too. And even though I kind of feel like I'm about to dissolve into a puddle of jelly, I know I'll feel better for it all in the morning.

Well, I'll feel sore in the morning. But I'll feel better the day after that. :-)

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