Sorry I’m back to the…

Sorry I'm back to the to-do lists. I've started working through my backlog, with some stuff going back to when Anand was small, and it's good to get through this stuff, but it's also sort of overwhelming. And so, lists, to keep it manageable.

  • teach classes - x
  • get groceries: eggs, milk, dinner for tonight, something spicy to cook for writing date with Angeli tomorrow - x
  • pick up kids from school - x
  • cook and feed family - x (beef bolognese, vaguely, over pasta) - x
  • exercise 20 min. - x
  • watch kids and put them to bed because Kev has a work dinner - x
  • move a bunch of stuff over to Thursday because I'm too exhausted to do anything else - x


  • straighten up third floor, so housecleaner can actually clean it - x
  • pick up any supplies new housecleaner needs - x
  • drop off kids at school - x (Kev did, actually)
  • read student's novel-in-progress - x
  • 11:00 have phone consultation with student (who can't make it to my office hours) - x
  • 11:30 cook for Angeli (beef curry, cauliflower fry) - x
  • 12 - 4: write with Angeli (yay!)
  • draft quiz for 474 - x
  • upload readings for 491 - x


  • grade all 474 assignments - x
  • print quiz - x
  • teach 474 - x
  • meet with student - x
  • get snacks for writing date with students - x
  • straighten up house - x

  • 1 - 4: have advanced fiction students to house for writing date
  • finish draft of Wild Cards story for George and send it to him
  • buy plane tickets for Toronto
  • choose illustrator; send consolation check
  • schedule Anand's doctor's appt. (just a checkup)
  • finish all outstanding ASAM work
  • exercise 20 min.

2 thoughts on “Sorry I’m back to the…”

  1. I thought you had 474 papers to grade. I thought, “she can grade 474 papers before 11a.m.!!”. Clearly I am doing something wronging my grading style.”. What a relief to realize further down that 474 was your course number.

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