Thought this might…

Thought this might interest you -- we spent two weeks in my course on Scalzi's blog, and I think all of these entries are really good and worth reading. Some of them are GREAT.


John Scalzi is an prominent writer who has consistently written for over a decade at his very popular blog Whatever. While reading these excerpts from Scalzi's blog, we'll be talking about the various literary techniques he uses to communicate his ideas to his audience, and later, about the evolution of Scalzi's themes / tropes over his decade-plus of blogging. As you read, consider how his entries on writing, politics, marriage, and poverty link up, interact with each other, and evolve over time.


Being Poor -- read entry and at least the first fifty comments



I Hate Your Politics


My So-Called Writing Life (2/2/04)

I Am Married (2/20/04)

A Quick Note to About-To-Be-Married Gays and Lesbians (5/17/04)

The Real World Book Deal Descriptions (9/8/04)

Why a Shitty Deal is a Shitty Deal (9/14/04)

Voting Christian (10/15/04)


Writing in the Age of Piracy (5/19/05)

Cracking the Flag-Burning Amendment (6/23/05)

A Note on the Day of the Passing of Rosa Parks (10/25/05)


January is National Literary Fraud Month! (1/9/06)

There is Always Another Way (1/16/06)

Purity Balls (4/19/06)

Ten Things Teenage Writers Should Know About Writing (4/27/06)

Clearly You People Thought I Was Kidding (9/13/06)

On Moral Cowardice (9/29/06)


How DRM is Like Guantanamo (1/17/07)

What to Know Before You Ask Me to Read Your (Unpublished Work) (1/23/07)

Out of Poverty (3/30/07)


Things One Should Not Forget (1/14/08)

Unasked For Advice to New Writers About Money (2/11/08)

Shaming the Poor (3/2/08)

Fox News Would Like´┐Ż (6/12/08)

Why Yes, I Should Write About Politics (9/30/08)


Twitter (4/3/09)

Why New Novelists Are Kinda Old (6/24/09)

Observations on a Toothache (9/3/09)

On the Asking of Favors from Established Writers (9/15/09)

My Life is Good, But I'm Worried Yours is Better (9/21/09)


Christianity and Me (3/22/10)

15 Years (6/17/10)

Kodi, 1997-2010 (7/17/10)

Why Not Feeling Rich is Not Being Poor (9/21/10)

Things I Don't Have to Think About Today (10/18/10)

An Open Letter to MFA Writing Programs (and Their Students) (11/15/10)


Children and Faith (3/14/11)

How to Know if You're Cheating (6/8/11)

The Sort of Crap I Don't Get (8/31/11)

Shut Up and Listen (9/16/11)

Omelas State University (11/10/11)

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