Kev went to a go…

Kev went to a go conference this weekend, so I had the kids all to myself. Which would have been fine, except that Anand has a bad cold, and was a miserable clinging limpet for two straight days. Which would have been unbearable, except that Kavi was astonishingly helpful and sweet -- just a perfect child the entire time. Do the children sense that there's a limit to how much mama can take, and let themselves go right up to that limit? I suspect so.

I had about half an hour to myself each day, and on the second day, I hauled out the yarn. It calms me. I knitted this elephant hat last year; Kavi is finally old enough to wear it. Just started working on a coordinating scarf yesterday. Cuteness. Yarn: Berocco Vintage. Free pattern by Kathleen Taylor.

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