Crazy busy week. Three…

Crazy busy week. Three different sets of contractors working at our house -- carpenter on eat-in area, painters on exterior, landscaper to repair our sunken back yard. In the midst of managing that, no school today for the kids (argh), and tons of work and grading for me. And so, a list.

  • call Pam and talk to her about hauling away old walkways / temporary fencing -- DONE
  • check with landscaper on design of path -- DONE
  • e-mail ASAM research grant call to various listservs -- DONE
  • @ 9: post notice for Friday's brown bag (and the following ones) -- DONE
  • @ 9: post big Kickstarter ask -- DONE
  • straighten first floor -- DONE
  • @ 9: someone comes to look at clothes -- DONE
  • e-mail ask to lists -- DONE
  • do dishes -- DONE
  • add grant call to our websiste -- DONE
  • add model minority film to website -- DONE
  • e-mail out Butler theses to 474 for development of counterarguments -- DONE
  • @ 3: someone comes to look at clothes -- DONE
  • check on what I need to teach 358 tomorrow -- DONE

  • work through last 50 most urgent e-mails
  • grade 474 quiz
  • grade 474 papers
  • make up mid-term

  • pack up remaining clothes and take to basement
  • use freed-up hangers to hang the rest of our clothes in master closet


  • make up flyers for URG and post it

There's more, but that's what I can remember right now.

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