Took Kev and the kids…

Took Kev and the kids out for an hour of planting bulbs. We got into the ground:

  1. 30 ollioules perennial tulips (in two large clumps)
  2. 20 wood hyacinths (scattered through grass diamond)
  3. 25 grape hyacinth / muscari (ditto)
  4. 10 allium bulgaricum (one clump)
  5. 10 purple sensation allium (ditto)
  6. 75 fritillaria meleagris (aka guinea hen or checkered frittilary) (three clumps in yard)
Tomorrow, more tulips and a start on the daffodils. But good progress for an hour!

All images below from Dutch Gardens, the ones who sold me the bulbs. Their photos seduced me, so now they can seduce you. :-)

Enjoying fall, but looking forward to spring. We just have to survive the Chicago winter...

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