Every time I think I’m…

Every time I think I'm getting caught up with my life, I fall behind again. It's getting to me.

This weekend, I have to plant bulbs and grade two classes' worth of papers. Not to mention doing my share of the childcare because Kev has work too. I have 500 e-mails in my Inbox that all need attention. We need all the groceries -- eggs and milk and bread and stuff for next week (it's my turn), and I don't know what I'm going to feed the kids when they wake up. Oatmeal, if they'll eat it. (Aka, gruel.) There are still at least fifty boxes to unpack in the basement, and there's only so long I can ignore them before my brain goes all explodey.

All I want to do is close my eyes and sleep.

2 thoughts on “Every time I think I’m…”

  1. Sleep is ofttimes a good choice Mary Anne! The boxes will wait; you need to care for your mental and physical health.

  2. Mary Anne,
    Food and shelter are always top of the list. Then the boxes.
    My only caution is to make sure they are elevated above the floor by some wood strips to allow circulation underneath and to protect them should you get a leak during the winter. Doesn’t take much to wet the box and get the contents to mildew. At least 1″ above the foor and point the strip towards the floor drain so any water doesn’t collect behind them.
    The future flowers look beatiful. A wish for butterflies and hungry bees.

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