I am down to two (two!)…

I am down to two (two!) boxes to unpack on the first floor. I am hopeful that those will actually get done today. And, in fact, call me crazy, but I'm hoping to have the whole house unpacked (except for million more in the basement, hah!) before Wednesday, when I have surgery. I'm also planning to have a dinner party tonight, and hang the other curtain rod in the master bedroom, and finish weeding the front yard, and put away four loads of laundry and do two more (lots of bedding from many house guests), and finish my department's website revisions before Wednesday, so I'm not sure how feasible this plan is. But the boxes, they are BOTHERING me.

I know, one of my resolutions for my 40s was to be less productive and more enjoy-y, but after the surgery, I'm going to be somewhat incapacitated for a while, and I'm not sure how long, and I suspect we'll have our hands full just trying to cope with the kids with me unable to pick them up for a while, so I'm feeling a serious urgency to getting all the physical labor stuff done by Wednesday. We'll see how that goes. With any luck, post-surgery, I can just spend a few days peacefully in bed watching tv. Except Anand has mysteriously lost our remote -- we have looked and looked and looked. Watching tv on my computer. That's right. Karina got me hooked on Medium, and I think I still have five seasons left to watch, so that alone is going to take care of my post-surgery recovery time.

Oh, the other thing Kev and I have to do today is walk through our house and make a comprehensive list of all the things that still need to get fixed to give Pam on Monday morning. That'll be super-fun. Well, it might be satisfying, if they actually get fixed. We'll see. At this point, I'm somewhat despairing that my house will EVER get painted, but that is a lament for another time. And maybe she'll show up tomorrow with an actual locked-in-stone start date for the painters. We live in hope.

I'm trying to figure out now how many curries I should make for tonight. 7-8 adults, 3-4 small kids. I have finished: beef and potato curry, cauliflower curry, spicy leeks. I'm planning on curried shrimp, beetroot curry, chili eggs, and a beet leaf / kale salad. I think that's enough, right? I don't need to go back to the store to pick up some mushrooms or chicken? Maybe chicken legs to barbecue for the kids? Or mac-and-cheese? Kids make things complicated.

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  1. Greg isn’t coming, so that’s one less adult, and I got a pile of samosas. Mac n cheese for the kids, and you’re done.

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