Both Ben R. and David M….

Both Ben R. and David M. have recently called me distinguished. I am not at all sure how I feel about that, which perhaps puts the lie to my so-fine-with-40 speech from a few days ago. :-) Ah well. Distinguished professor does sound nice, though.

I also am resisting 'greying' hair, as my hair is actually silver, which I like better, although David says 'silvering' sounds much older to him. Also that my hair is more pewter than silver, which is perhaps true, and I am fond of pewter, but 'pewtering' sounds ridiculous. So I don't know.

I'm a little obsessed with pictures of my pewtering hair at the moment. Like this one:

To counter that, here are my kids, being cute. Kavi is at her preschool graduation ceremony (for the big kids who are going on to kindergarten -- she gets one more year), and Anand is trying (and failing) to ride Kavi's bike.

2 thoughts on “Both Ben R. and David M….”

  1. I will make my usual comment that the silver/pewter hair would look much more dramatic if it were much longer. I really think your face looks better with long hair, just as mine does. You do, nevertheless, look both distinguished and beautiful in this picture.

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