Had a lovely lunch…

Had a lovely lunch yesterday with Sapna, Venu, and Rupa, followed by a nice first day of teaching. My intro to fiction writing class seems to be split pretty evenly between students who are really excited to take a fiction writing class (some of them have been writing for a while already) and graduating seniors for whom this was the only thing that fit in their schedule. Hmm. We'll see how that goes. I'm going to try something new, a modification of something Lori did in her class -- we're spending a good chunk of class time just writing, the idea being that by far the hardest part of continuing with being a writer is getting your to actually write. So we'll model that, and practice getting a good amount of work done in just an hour and a half. We'll see how it goes.

Today, watch the kids, putter around the house. Weather is gorgeous, so should be a pleasant day.

  • clean kids' rooms -- DONE
  • hem Anand's curtains -- DONE
  • do dishes -- DONE
  • finalize (for real this time, hopefully) house colors with painter -- DONE
  • pick up dry cleaning -- DONE
  • sew square cushions for our bed -- DONE
  • talk to Kevin re: sash locks for old windows -- DONE


  • finish Detective Chandran story and send to workshop (sent half of story, but would really like to send them the whole thing if possible)
  • read and comment on Nicole's essay -- in progress
  • organize master closet
  • organize playroom
  • count and order sash locks for old windows


  • revise "Red Light" and send out to Ellery Queen
  • finish drafting "The Language of Birds"
  • look for correct planter hangers (Gethsemane?)
  • buy sari fabric for Kavi's curtains
  • send SLF grant award check
  • start conversation with CBS board & Tempest re: workshop / literature discussion
  • have Kev help me hang planters
  • make appetizers for evening playdate

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