It’s insanely hot here. …

It's insanely hot here. AC on, trying to get things done while watching the kids, who are thankfully in good moods this morning. Not a small blessing. What I really want to do is nap.

  • get fence letter and call Manny -- DONE
  • register for Think Galacticon & sign up for programming -- DONE
  • check Think Galacticon program; set time / date for CBS meet & greet in early July -- DONE
  • try changing curtain in Anand's room (more opaque) -- DONE
  • call bookstore re: textbooks -- DONE
  • sew shower curtain, bench cushion, Anand's curtain -- in progress
  • read and comment on Nicole's essay -- in progress


  • revise "Red Light" and send out to Ellery Queen
  • finish drafting "The Language of Birds"
  • start new Inspector Chandran story (bicycle theft? murder of WisCon character?)

  • pick up dry cleaning
  • return many things to IKEA

  • talk to Kevin re: sash locks for old windows
  • send SLF grant award check
  • start conversation with CBS board & Tempest re: workshop / literature discussion


  • last day of vacation! Rest! Go see a movie! Read fluffy books!

    next Monday:

  • prep syllabus & print
  • teach first class of summer semester!
  • file grade change

    after house painted:

  • hang planters

2 thoughts on “It’s insanely hot here. …”

  1. It is interesting how different universities handle textbook orders. We are required to give textbook information to our department secretarial staff. The staff person then sends all information to the university bookstore and to other bookstores in town. I don’t think anyone on the faculty communicates directly with the bookstore(s) on textbook matters. I am not sure whather this is a wonderful convenience for faculty or an unnecessary level of bureaucracy! Until I read this post, it had never occurred to me that any other schools did it differently.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    David, they actually e-mail us a reminder, and then there’s a web form to fill out the requests. It’s mildly tedious, but not too bad. I just had to call to check on something.

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