Quiet morning. I slept…

Quiet morning. I slept 'til 6, which is really a lovely change from waking up at 4. Long-term, I think I'd be happy to be on a sleeping 9 to 5 schedule; that'd give me an hour after the kids go down to putter about, talk to Kev, etc., and then two hours in the morning before they wake up, in which I could in theory make tea, have breakfast, and even write. Starting next week, after WisCon, I think that's what I'm going to aim for. I love my family, but I do also love having some quiet morning time to myself -- the house is at its prettiest in the mornings, I think, with the sun streaming in from the east. I like it. Going to be at 9 does interfere a bit with socializing, but an occasional late night won't kill me, esp. if it's Friday or Saturday nights, since I think I can give myself the weekend off writing. We'll see. Many of my fine plans have come to naught in the past, but this one is worth a shot, I think.

I let myself sleep in today in part because I'm so tired. I've had this miserable cough that's lingered for over a month now; I've been on mild antibiotics, but to no effect. If I'm still hacking after WisCon, I may go in and make the doctor look at me again. Is it possible to have bronchitis that's resistant to antibiotics? It's not the worst illness in the world, but it is a nuisance; it's interfering with exercising, if nothing else. I'd like to get it taken care of.

This morning, unpack, clean, organize, play with the kids. Sounds nice.

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