To do list: do…

To do list:

  • do dishes -- Kev did
  • send Wiscon moderator e-mails -- DONE
  • clear island so Piotr can glue it down today -- DONE
  • look up prizes to give out -- DONE
  • Bed, Bath, and Beyond (shower curtain / guest bedroom curtains) -- DONE
  • send ASAM e-mails -- DONE

  • make sure I have ASAM web page access

  • 12:30: lunch and writing date with Lori
  • pick up roses, herbs, perennials
  • call doctor re: surgery scheduling
  • return library movies
  • pick-up dry cleaning

  • finalize exterior paint colors
  • Home Depot (returns; bookshelf supports; ceiling mounts; 60 watt daylight bulbs (6 bare, 2 covered))
  • Great Indoors (faucets, tile)
  • post office: extra hardware return


  • call and schedule pedicure
  • get pedicure
  • clear first floor of boxes (6 left)
  • pack up donations from first floor
  • drop off Brown Elephant donations
  • plant herbs I bought last week in pots
  • return folding chairs and table to Linus (across street)
  • return beverage containers to Ron & Liz
  • get everything ready for Sarah's visit


  • IKEA: stainless shelves, rugs, curtains
  • work on ASAM web page

2 thoughts on “To do list: do…”

  1. Scheduling surgery does not sound like much fun. I hope you are OK.

    I am having Mohs surgery on my face next week.

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