I completely failed to…

I completely failed to take pictures last night, but Shruthi took some and Manish took some video, so that'll be along in a bit. But in the meantime, here's one from Mike of Manish, Shruthi, me and Devi:

I admit, I almost didn't put this up because I don't like the way I look in it. While my arms are notably more muscled after the last month of packing and hauling and moving, you can't see that under the extra flab; I've gained a solid ten pounds in the last month, and I think it's mostly fat. Too much takeout, especially exhaustion-pizza. Yick. I didn't even enjoy most of that food; I just needed to keep going, and it was too difficult to cook. (Either out of tiredness or out of not-having-pots-and-pans.) I'm back to cooking now -- made a host of curries for the party yesterday. And while it may take us a while to eat up the leftovers and start in on more of a salad regimen (hmm....I wonder if Ron & Liz want to come over and help us eat leftovers today...), I think I'm okay with just throwing away the leftover cake. After Kavi and Anand have one more slice. :-)

Anyway, I decided to put the photo up anyway, because despite how I look (and I'm STILL not used to all the gray in my hair now that it's chopped way short and completely uncolored, but I've promised myself that I'm going to live with it for a summer before I decide whether to go back to coloring it or not), I do kind of love that photo -- it looks like studio shot, somehow. Great pose, great smiles, great friends who hauled their butts out on a cold and rainy night to come to our party, even though we now live a little too far away.

I didn't get enough time talking to anyone who came, but that's perhaps to be expected when you're mixing in a four-year-old's birthday party with its own schedule, and you're too tired from the last month to stay up late. But I think everyone who came had a pretty good time, and I was happy to see them. Also, we now have enough housewarming-wine to fuel the next two or three dinner parties, so that's nice. :-)

4 thoughts on “I completely failed to…”

  1. What?????? You looked BEAUTIFUL last night. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. J loves your short hair and the gray.

  2. The first thing I thought about the photo was how much I liked your hair. Mine is getting grey on the sides, too. I haven’t been tempted to color, though. I feel like I earned it.

  3. One more vote for the hair! I love it. You know how Neesha Meminger looks so glam and fabulous with her hair? YOU look like that.

    Hooray for silvery unicorn hair.

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