Two other things I…

Two other things I really like about the new house:

  • The wide single-bowl farmhouse sink. Oh, it's so very very very nice to have all this space in my sink, I can't tell you. I feel like a proper farmer now. I could can everything. (If I knew how to can.)

  • Sitting on my couch in the family room with the door to the deck slid open, letting the breeze come through. (I need to ask Pam today whether there's a plan to put a screen there at some point, because it seems like that would probably be better than leaving it wide open. But for now, open is okay.) Such a nice way to start the morning, with tea, and a book, and a breeze.

I was also going to add 'not having a tv on the first floor' or 'not having cable', but the truth is, while I think those are good things, they're also still a little painful as we transition. The kids are used to watching tv pretty often (especially during the last month of packing and moving), and so they get a little cranky without it; periodically I end up setting up a laptop with Diego. Which is okay, but a little inconvenient. I do think they're already watching less tv than they were, though, so that's good for them.

As for no cable -- yay for saving money, and I'm reading more books (which is giving me story ideas for the YA trilogy), and we're still watching most of the shows we've been actively following on Hulu (I discovered yesterday that while Big Bang Theory isn't on Hulu, you can watch it directly on the CBS primetime website). But I don't know a way to access either Dr. Who (BBC America, I think) or A Game of Thrones (HBO). Which I suppose means waiting for the DVD? Sad.

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  1. Dr. Who is available on the iTunes Store. You can rent episodes for 99¢/episode (I expect there’ll be 13 episodes in the season), or buy for $3/episode or $20/season.

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