Yesterday was…

Yesterday was socializing and packing, one delightful and the other productive. But I got further behind on the to-do list. Argh. I did manage to find one cool thing; we need a new guest bed headboard because our current headboard / footboard are sleigh-style and come too far out into the tiny room. We're pushing it already putting a queen-size bed in that room instead of a full; a footboard would take it too far. I think this one has a nicely Victorian flavor; I like the gate pattern, like an old iron garden gate. Makes me want to decorate the guest room with a garden theme -- which should actually be quite do-able; I still have some framed photos of flowers from our old rooftop garden at the condo, and our bedding is green. :-)


  • get kids fed, to school -- DONE
  • buy zip drive; e-mail students to send me file -- DONE
  • buy invites for Kavi's party -- DONE
  • call re: fridge door parts -- DONE
  • do laundry -- DONE
  • schedule rug cleaning -- DONE
  • call re: cabinet estimate -- left message

  • pack box with vases, glass bowls
  • decide on dryer (today)
  • call Pam re: wood trim for window guards
  • ask Kev to buy window guards

  • finalize course description for 474 class in fall and send to Jennifer
  • finalize EXPO program/flyer
  • print programs and eval. forms
  • prep for Tues classes
  • check on how many registered for summer writing class; confirm registrations
  • file travel reimbursement
  • finish remaining grading for 358
  • catch-up on remaining grading for 474
  • 4 - 8: host ASAM EXPO


  • write invites for Kavi's party
  • drop off invites for class
  • drop off reimbursement receipt at doctor's office
  • call re: property tax freeze
  • call Anu; then schedule next Kriti meeting
  • make 4-yr-old immunization appt. with PediaGroup (for Kavi)
  • make Kavi ear appt. (find referral)
  • schedule breast reduction surgery -- in progress (waiting for their response)
  • buy HVAC grates
  • research and buy washing machine
  • research and pick king-size bed


  • buy garbage disposal
  • buy American Standard drain w/ overflow in chrome (Home Depot) for powder room
  • Restoration Hardware -- house numbers -- in progress (measure to confirm size)
  • talk to neighbors on north; ask if they're okay with 7' fence (need signed letter), and also if landscapers can park there one day if necessary to dump soil
  • IKEA: try again to find stainless shelves (Marketplace); curtains for Kev's office, anywhere else we need them; watering can
  • buy guest bedroom ceiling fan from Fillmore Electric
  • decide what yard work we can afford; place order
  • stop by Quiltology or The Needle Shop and look at fabrics for Kavi's curtains
  • try to make curtains for my office
  • measure and hem curtains for Anand's room
  • mount curtain rod and hang his curtains
  • return replacement toilet seat (no longer needed) to Great Indoors; also call first and ask about returning tile


  • 9:30: M annual check-up, thyroid levels
  • after parts arrive, call Sterling re: repairing fridge (847-438-9800)
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