Gods, I have NO IDEA how…

Gods, I have NO IDEA how people do this sort of project without a general contractor. I remember the renovation books we read at the beginning of the project suggested you could do without one and save a lot of money. Hah! Hah, I say, hah! If I'd tried that, I would be stark, raving mad at this point -- also, our house would be very very broken and likely to burn down in an electrical fire.

Even with a competent g.c., it's at least a half-time job just keeping track of everything we need to get done. For example, here's an e-mail I sent Pam and Kev last night about lighting. There have been many such e-mails:

Below is what I THINK we still have to buy, plus a few questions at the bottom for Pam.

1. Vestibule: two wall-mount sconces, down-light, ORB
2. Kitchen: two ceiling mounts (optional, do last)

3. Stairs up to second floor, near top: one wall-mount sconce, down-light, ORB
4. Guest bedroom: ceiling fan w / light (with that Victorian gate headboard, I don't think the Vienne will work stylistically; just pick up something simple and basic at HD?)
5. Guest bath: single downlight sconce, dark bronze to match chandelier from We Got Lights (but is there room, with the medicine cabinet? maybe skip?)
6. Master bedroom: ceiling fan, no light? something basic for now?
7. Master bedroom: two swing-arm sconces (leave for later; possibly Industrial or Wyatt from PB in July when they arrives in stock; decide on headboard first)
8. Master bath: two double wall-mount glass, keep tight (maybe Nanti from We Got Lights, depending on pricing: http://wegotlites.reachlocal.net/Nanti-Collection-1-Light-9-Nanti-Champagne-Silver-Wall-Sconce-with-Etched-Vanilla-Glass-1490-252-PL_p_33825.html)
9. Master closet: two basic ceiling mounts (Home Depot?)

10. Stairs up: wall-mount near window, unless electrician can swag silver Two Fish light somehow
11. Top of stairs: flush mount, brushed nickel, small diameter
12. Playroom: two bases & shades from Rejuvenation (at least one should be identical to the others -- should the one nearest the kids' bath be as well, or should that be a little different, or coordinated with top of stairs light?)

1. Are we switching the dining room and library fixtures? Or raising the height of the library fixture in some magic way? Or leaving them as is?
2. Can we center the dining room and library lights? They're driving me nuts. The library in particular needs to be centered, ESP. if we're counting on having a table under it to deal with the height issue.
3. Can we raise the height of the globe in my office? Will he be able to stagger the other one even higher as originally planned?
4. Several of the push-button switch plates are slightly tilted. Is that fixable? (Obviously non-urgent!)
5. Can the Lair Hill light at the top of the mudroom stairs be turned so it's on an angle? Otherwise, the nice detailing on it just disappears. Alternatively, can we figure out another good place for it, and put a different light there? It may just be non-optimal for the space.
6. Does he need me there when he installs the foyer light (tilted up and down) so he knows how to angle it?

- Mary Anne


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  1. Good heavens, no wonder you are frantic and frenetic. You are overwhelming yourself with minutia. It is no wonder that shopping stopped being fun and creating your new space has been such a challenge. When you have to make so many choices, down to every single last detail, for every last thing…well, that way lies madness and micromanaging.

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