I really am sorry about…

I really am sorry about all the to-do lists. Most boring blog entries ever, I know. We'll return to sanity soon, I hope; there's a big frenzy right now of getting everything in place so that we can safely move in on April 30th (which is also basically when my semester ends). And then everything should ease up considerably, although we'll be living on a construction site, surrounded by boxes.

Did I mention that Tuesday they took down the chain mail fence in front of the house? Now that all the doors and windows are in, the house is more secure, and Pam didn't think we needed that up anymore. I'm so glad to have it gone, and I'm sure the neighbors are too. :-)

The nicest part about this week is that Kevin's parents are visiting. We had a yummy lunch with them yesterday at Marion Street -- eating out is not in the budget these days, so that was a real treat. My crab cake sandwich was DELICIOUS. And then they came with us to choose stone (Pam's stone fabricator found us a slab of Calcutta Gold marble for half-price (because it had a big piece chipped off the corner, and we'll be able to use it for three separate pieces on the second floor (master vanity, guest vanity, Kev's coffee station), so that was very exciting!), and to Great Indoors (where we picked faucets and replacement toilet seats, and considered a variety of kitchen hardware). Progress is being made, slowly.

In the evening, I went to an information session for U Chicago alumni who are in the arts -- they're building a massive new arts center at U of C, which is a good thing, although not uncomplicated in various political and practical ways. It was an interesting discussion, and I'm glad I went, although it was hard to spare the time. Networking, you know. Met some really interesting people; I really ought to go to more U Chicago alumni events in general, because y'know, this is my clan. The clan of the geeks. :-) I like 'em.

To do continued:

  • send kitchen plans to zinc guy and wood guy for countertop pricing -- DONE
  • schedule millwork guy to come look at Kev's cabinetry -- DONE
  • count upper and lower cabinets, drawers, decide what type of hardware we want on each (knobs, pulls, bin pulls, etc.)
  • confirm electrical order
  • review and post images for hall closet curtain
  • order fabric for hall closet curtain
  • order fabric for seat back
  • research and choose four ceiling fans (with lights?)

  • prepare taxes
  • file taxes
  • review last hundred e-mails and respond to urgent ones / put in calendar
  • call / e-mail re: Kriti @ Roosevelt
  • schedule next Kriti meeting

  • finish grading papers
  • prep for classes
  • drop off kids; teach classes
  • file travel reimbursement
  • sign up for P-card
  • meet with Mark @ 2

  • go to Walgreens; get receipt for nebulizer for reimbursement
  • dinner with Kev's parents?


  • talk to neighbors on north; ask if they're okay with 7' fence (need signed letter), and also if landscapers can park there one day if necessary to dump soil
  • Home Depot -- curtain rods
  • Restoration Hardware -- house numbers
  • Great Indoors -- return chipped Porcelanosa tile; buy: lights, kitchen knobs
  • lighting / fan store; Lightology, Max'd Lighting and Interiors, Fillmore Electric
  • IKEA: try again to find stainless shelves (Marketplace); curtains for Kev's office, anywhere else we need them; laundry sink for basement and/or laundry (Numerar?)

  • decide on what yard work we can afford; place order
  • decide what we're doing for countertops; place order (no countertops 'til June, probably)
  • dinner with Kev's parents?


  • Adriana here, 8-2; pack muchly


  • stop by Quiltology or The Needle Shop and look at fabrics for Kavi's curtains

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