Daniel and Anne invited…

Daniel and Anne invited us over for brunch on Sunday. I admit, I sort of felt like I couldn't afford the time to go -- but on the other hand, we haven't socialized with anyone in forever, and the kids were going nuts at home anyway, so we weren't getting much done. So we went, and although it's still sort of tiring taking Anand out places (because he has to be constantly watched to keep him from sticking a spade in his ear or some such), it was also lovely to eat a ton of delicious food (that we didn't have to cook).

In particular, I loved the chili that they based on a recipe from Greens restaurant; it was surprisingly good. Usually I want meat in my chili, but this vegetarian one really didn't need it, especially served with toppings of cheese, tomatoes, avocado. And then I soaked up a little warmth and breeze. Yay, spring.

I was impressed that Anne had actually managed to grow a bunch of veggies from seed this year; the kids helped her transfer the seedlings to bigger pots. Well, not Anand. Anand broke a plant. But the rest of the kids helped.

And then yesterday, it was still warmish, so after school, we took the kids for a walk and got them ice cream. They approved.

Afterwards, it took a little while to coax Anand back in. If he could just live outside all the time, he would be a much happier baby.

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