Lots to…

Lots to do.

  • straighten up -- DONE
  • pack car with load of boxes -- DONE
  • ask Pam for receipt for tax rebate on energy-efficient improvements -- DONE
  • call LuxeTile re: broken tile -- DONE (replacing for free, yay!)
  • call Dave re: star, eat-in area, fence height, library -- DONE
  • take load of boxes to house -- DONE
  • clean sides of stove so they can install it -- DONE
  • talk to Piotr re: curtain rods (Anand's room, Kavi's room, my turret) -- DONE
  • measure for curtain rods -- DONE
  • measure for seat back -- DONE
  • fill out Faculty Activity Report (due today) -- DONE
  • sort outsized clothes to give away -- DONE
  • talk to zinc guy re: other countertops -- DONE
  • pack rest of serveware -- DONE
  • drop off dry-cleaning -- DONE
  • get car washed -- DONE (for first time in two years, eep)
  • do dishes -- Kev DONE

  • call bank re: small equity line (sigh) -- left message
  • call Freeman Fence -- left message
  • talk to Pam / millwork guy re: other countertops -- in progress


  • finish grading papers
  • prepare taxes
  • file taxes
  • review last hundred e-mails and respond to urgent ones / put in calendar

  • call and schedule stone appt. for Wed
  • check on bank
  • pick up package!!

  • call / e-mail re: Kriti @ Roosevelt
  • schedule next Kriti meeting
  • e-mail re: Tues night English country dancing @ 7:30
  • find Kavi's music player

  • Wed:

  • @ 9, meet with Dave re: eat-in design
  • @ 9:30, meet with Mark
  • go to Elk Grove Village to choose stone
  • order fabric for seat back
  • buy curtain rods
  • review and post images for hall closet curtain
  • order fabric for hall closet curtain

  • stop by Quiltology or The Needle Shop and look at fabrics for Kavi's curtains


  • take chipped Porcelonsa tile back to Great Indoors
  • look for faucets at Great Indoors
  • buy house numbers (Great Indoors or RH?)

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