Another inspiration…

Another inspiration photo, but for something I might actually do. We need a new headboard for our queen bed, because the one we have is too big (it's sleigh-style) for our guest room. And of course, no funds. We were thinking we might just go without a headboard for a while. But then I saw this at Design*Sponge:

I originally noticed it because of the cool, modern treatment they did on the ceiling -- neat, huh? But then I noticed the headboard -- which I think is just assembled from random pieces of molding and boards and posts from Home Depot. Or maybe there was a two-post-with-cross-beam piece that they bought, and then added the curvy moldings?

Pam has a couple leftover pieces of Moroccan molding from another project that we had thought about using in the guest room, but couldn't come up with a good place to put them -- they're too large-scale to run around the room, as I'd originally thought of doing. But maybe I could use them like this, with paint to unify them? They're rectangular, rather than pointed like this, but I think that might still work. What do you think? (I don't have a photo of the moldings right now, but I might be able to get one and add it later today...)

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