Whoa — I’d heard that…

Whoa -- I'd heard that IKEA curtains were cheap, but I hadn't realized they were quite that cheap. Thanks for the pointer, Catherine! Those prints look intriguing. I think I'm going to try to run out to IKEA tomorrow to take a proper look -- I also need to look at closet options there, a sofa for the playroom, and stainless shelves for the kitchen. I have a long IKEA list.

I like the IKEA Cecilia bird fabric that Catherine suggested a LOT. It even comes in a green colorway that might be very similar to Anand's actual walls -- would need to see in person to be sure. Take a look:

Charming, whimsical, and suggesting something that a child might carry around in his sketchbook. If the child had more artistic talent than I do, anyway.

On the other hand, people don't seem nearly as excited about patterned curtains as I am. (People including Kevin.) Maybe it makes more sense to just do a solid color, and bring in pattern on Anand's bedding and maybe his rug. We'll see. There's a big expanse of white on his ceiling, so I do want to bring some pattern in somewhere.

If I do solid curtains -- what color? Off-white (too much with the ceiling, or perfect complement to brighten the room)? Medium blue (a safe, sky-like choice)? Or be bold and go with a purple picked up from the rim of those knobs?

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  1. If you are doing the curtains to cut down on the light in the room when Anand is sleeping, it seems to me that you would want ones that are thick and possibly dark, or go with actual shades. If they are purely decorative, maybe just go with a colorful solid?

  2. I like these better than most of the other options. Still like the owls, though. I may need some owl curtains myself.

  3. Well if Ikea is an option, then your best bet is really truly to go to the store, which I’m sure you know =)

    Just online I came up with 7 possible choices, which you may hate or love more in person, depending on feel and other factors.

    Forest/nature themey that might work with the room (and that I like of course) include:

    I don’t hate pattern, I just like it in a more structured way like this instead:

    Of course, once Rozanne (I think) told me that babies do well with high contrast early on, so black and white objects/toys/things help them develop their vision faster.

    On that note you could try:

    And finally, if you really want to put the pressure on him to learn his words and numbers:


  4. Glad you liked them! I love Ikea for curtains (most of the curtains in my house are Ikea). The patterned curtains I linked to in the other post are actually lined.. (I have them in my den, which really needed a pop of color, since its wood-paneled)

    They have some fabulous prints too, I just don’t sew.

  5. i have the brown and black ones in my kitchen all these look great in person i think the ones with the green would look very whimsical in anands room.

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