I think I’m finally back…

I think I'm finally back to full health, but it's been a rotten week for us. Timetable:

  • Saturday: Anand got sick -- scary, listless baby. Doctor said he was wheezing, almost sent us to emergency room and had him admitted, but the third nebulizer treatment in office got his oxygen back up to 99, so she sent us home with prednisone and nebulizer. We stayed up all night (in shifts), cleaning up fluids coming out both ends, trying to keep him from getting dehydrated and/or choking, and periodically forcing fifteen minute nebulizer treatments on him (which made him howl in misery). Fun times.

  • Sunday: He's improved, so we're less anxious. Still lots of unhappiness and demanding to be carried constantly. Again, stayed up all night with him.

  • Monday: By now, Kev and I are exhausted. Back to doctor -- Anand is better. We get some sleep that night, although he's still waking us frequently. I start feeling sick.

  • Tuesday: Anand relapses. Awful day. By the end of it, I'm reduced to lying on the couch, trying not to vomit.

  • Wednesday: Anand is better, Kavi has crusty eyes, Kevin is exhausted, I am SO SICK. The dishes in the sink are getting scary.

  • Thursday: Back to doctor for Anand's scheduled 18-month check-up; he gets some immunizations, which he takes with no trouble at all. Both kids have ear infections and are put on antibiotics. Anand is a happy terror, bouncing off the walls, Kavi's eyes seem better, they go to school around 11 and I collapse on the couch. A few hours of blessed peace before the school calls to say her eyes are pink, come get her please.

  • Friday: I think I'm better in the morning, drop Anand off at school, am losing it by mid-morning at home with Kavi (who thankfully, mostly sleeps). Kevin takes over again and I go back to shivering on the couch. Kevin has a blinding headache for a couple of hours in the afternoon. Alma (one of our occasional babysitters) comes over to help with the disaster that is our house -- it takes her two solid hours to do the dishes and clean the kitchen. Possibly the best $25 I've ever spent.

  • Saturday: I'm mostly, finally, better, though weak. Roshani confirms that this is probably adenovirus, which typically has a five-day run. Kavi's eyes are better. Kevin finally catches the damn thing and starts his own course of shivering on the couch / bed and running to the bathroom.

  • Sunday -- I feel fine! Sunshine and roses! The kids are fine too! Kevin is still in bed, poor thing. He likely had a few more days to go of it.

What a lovely way to spend spring break. I suppose I should be grateful that it happened during spring break, and we didn't have to worry about our classes, but y'know, I'm not. Especially since this coming week is the kids' school's spring break, so they're at home, and we are so far behind on work now, and we're scheduled to move on April 30th, which means there is a hell of a lot of packing to do in April. I'd just throw money at the problem and hire more childcare, but I think we're kind of out of money for the moment. But we may just have to do it anyway, and damn the consequences to our budget.

It's going to be a long month.

4 thoughts on “I think I’m finally back…”

  1. Mary Anne,
    OMG the times that try ones soul. Maybe once you get out of your rental you’ll leave the illness behind and the new place will be clean and bright.

    “Smile” they said “things could be worse.” So she smiled and sure enough things got worse. Question; did you smile this past week?

    Best wishes for the next week(s).

  2. hey girl,

    i’m so sorry hear that you’ve all been so sick. we’ve basically been cycling illness for the past three months. karthik actually did end up in the hospital one night due to rsv. he was wheezing and having a hard time breathing. i of course was a wreck. he recovered but has continued to get respiratory infections (except upper not lower). i’m so glad anand is feeling better, and i hope kavi is on the mend. i never knew just how much work this was going to be . . .

    take care of yourself and when we’re all better, would love to see you.


  3. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Did you get a nebulizer? If not, if it comes up again, call, and I will race ours over to you!!! It was so scary.

    The kids and I are well now, thankfully. It’s just Kev who’s still sick, poor thing.

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