Kavi’s mostly fine. She…

Kavi's mostly fine. She says at points that her stomach hurts, or her mouth hurts, or some such, and it's unclear whether she's really sick, or just mimicking to get some attention since we've been so Anand-focused. I think she's fine -- she had no trouble at school yesterday, and went happily off to school today. We'll see.

I'm kind of queasy this morning, but I think it's just exhaustion. Two nights of 3-5 hours of sleep each, then last night I managed 8 hours, but interrupted partway through when Kev was giving Anand a nebulizer treatment (much howling, which I couldn't sleep through).

Anand is, I think, doing better. Which makes me uncertain whether to start the antibiotics today. He has an ear infection, among other things, but according to current research, it's now unclear whether antibiotics actually help with those. We're weaning him off the prednisone, down to 5 ml. today and tomorrow and then he's done with that. And I think he may be done with the nebulizer -- I hope so, because he hates it. Should I start the antibiotics? I don't know.

He's had so much medicine, and so little real food. Anand consented to take a few bites of ham yesterday, after rejecting everything else for four days. He's been drinking (demanding) milk throughout, most of which he immediately vomited up. Completely rejected Pedialyte in all its forms, apple juice, soy milk. When we took him in yesterday morning, we found he'd lost 1.5 pounds in two days, which the doctor didn't seem worried about, but which mama doesn't like at all. I just want him to eat again.

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  1. I don’t know about antibiotics. I’d call the dr and ask. The weight loss is, I’m sure, fluids…

    try some flat ginger ale (you can stir in a spoonful of sugar to ‘flatten’ it). I don’t know if coconut water would help to rehydrate him, I know it has a lot of potassium, though. It might taste better to him than Pedialyte.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    He seems to be doing better at keeping things down now — it’s mostly right after he gets medicine that he tends to throw up, so now we’re separating out the milk from the medicine by at least half an hour, and that seems to help. He had a few bites of banana this morning, and a lot of milk, and it’s all staying down so far. We’ll see.

    The problem with calling the doctor re: the antibiotics is that they don’t really know either. It’s just inconclusive at this point in the research. Frustrating.

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