Parenting Lesson…

Parenting Lesson #26

This is all I can do
Hold you, so you breathe easier.

Does two lines and a title count as a poem? It's not even a haiku. I had a third line, but took it out. This is better.

Anand's improved now, but we had a small scare today, with breathing trouble, and he's on prednisone and an albuterol nebulizer now. He's still sick, but at least we have a course of treatment now, and his breathing isn't as labored, which was the really frightening part.

Children shouldn't get sick, or at least not seriously sick. When I am queen of the universe, I will make it so.

2 thoughts on “Parenting Lesson…”

  1. I’ve had to take a going-blue River to the hospital more than once, when the home nebulizer wasn’t enough — there’s nothing scarier than when your little guy is having trouble drawing breath! I feel for you; hang in there! ::Hugs::

  2. Just saw this. Belated sympathies on Anand’s illness.

    I’m glad to see in a later entry that he’s doing a little better, but it sounds like things have been pretty awful the past couple days. Breathing trouble sounds really scary. I hope he’s all better soon and that you can get some sleep.


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