Still time-crunched. I…

Still time-crunched. I did finish reading Cory Doctorow's novel, For the Win, yesterday -- I enjoyed it, though really, it was as much an essay about unions and communal bargaining as it was a novel. And I have to admit, I found the ending a bit idealistic and implausible. But the storytelling was tight, the characters appealing, and it was a fast, entertaining read -- sort of the perfect thing to be reading this week, as the Wisconsin protests continue. Also, of course, just fun reading about unionizing about gold farmers. The main problem with the book is that I kept wanting to put it down to go play Warcraft.

Brief shout out to Shaun Tan, whose short film The Lost Thing, based on his book of that same name, won an Oscar last night. It's not often that a past Worldcon Guest of Honor wins an Oscar, and I'm particularly thrilled that both a minority author (of Chinese descent) and a spec fic author managed to win this award. Also because I adore his work. Have you seen The Arrival? Simply gorgeous. And worth buying in hardcover, which I almost never do.

Okay, enough of praising other people's work -- back to my own.

To do:

  • wash Kavi's school bedding and drop off by 11 -- DONE
  • straighten living room, wash dishes, water plants, take out trash -- DONE
  • return library books -- DONE
  • call and get quote for replacing front of fridge door -- DONE
  • upload finished floor pics -- DONE
  • donate items to Con or Bust -- DONE
  • speak to ASAM Intro class about coming to Falling Petals -- DONE

  • order replacement for broken taillight -- in progress
  • talk to Shirley about process for revising ASAM web pages -- in progress
  • revise mystery story -- in progress

  • send mystery to workshop
  • sketch design for turret trim
  • send Deb pics of zinc countertop detail options
  • finish grading colonialism essays

    Definitely after Monday:

  • put more lighting in car to take to house
  • unload lighting at house
  • go to IKEA with Kevin and check out closets and kitchen stainless shelving (Wed or Fri morn?)
  • go to stone warehouse with Kevin and check out soapstone (ditto?)
  • go to Virginia Tile and select / order fireplace replacement tile

  • return shoes to Lands' End if it's not too late
  • set up grad student brown bag lunch series

  • make appts. for Anand (immunizations / burn), Kavi (hearing), Ellie (immunizations / heartworm / check-up)
  • call doctor for Synthroid prescription refill
  • talk to Art Institute, & Chicago Cultural Center re: Kriti venue
  • talk to Anu re: Eye on India partnership possibility
  • revise Red Sari Project pages
  • edit video of Anand and upload (per Sharmi's request)

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